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        NOTE:  Information provided here is not intended to eliminate the need for your medical practitioner.  It is to give greater insight into the afflicting natures being observed by offering additional methodologies to pursue for further knowledge.  We are not medical practitioners and by no means intend to express ourselves as such.

Iridology - the study of the iris (colored portion of the eye). This is used to determine what area of the body is in trauma, the extent of the trauma, and by observing regularly it is possible to see the progress/regress of the condition.  The Eye is the window to the soul.

Schlerology - the study of the white portion of the eye.  It also can help identify problems and the status of the condition.

There are numerous "Alternative Therapies" for use in bringing about homeostasis (whole body health).  The following are easily available to most persons and quite easy to use.  Through use of the following methods, healing will be achieved in the reverse order of the symptom's arrival.  In other words, the last symptom noticed will be the first to disappear.  The first symptom will be the last to leave.

Music - Each note of the octave has a special resonance.  When used as a chord it brings out additional harmonies that work with that special resonance.  Each person has their own special note that soothes the soul.  Each organ of the body also tunes in to different sounds.  Try playing music in your own "Key" (Chord) for a relaxing adventure.

Essential Oils - Essential oils are aromatic.  They contain sesquiterpenes that have the ability to pass the blood-brain barrier.  Clinical research has shown that essential oils can quickly raise the electrical frequency of the human body, restoring it to its normal, healthy level.

Color - Each color has it's own body of sorts.  Red - is active, healing in nature.  Green - is calming, cool, serene.  What is "Your color?"  Try visualizing your color while you relax.  See what mood you are in when you stop thinking about your color.

Stones - Precious and semi-precious stones each have a subtle reach to our physical self.  Although science teaches us that stones are not living, I want to impress upon you that all creation is made of atoms.  Atoms bond with other atoms to create.  Depending upon what atoms join, different creations appear.  Stones, too, are part of this creation.  Therefore each has a "personality of it's own" to share with the rest of creation.  Pick up a Tiger's Eye and see if you don't seem grounded.  Or try a Ruby and see if you don't envision better health.

Reflexology - There are pressure points in your hands and feet that correspond to each organ of the body.  By "massaging" these points you are aiding the corresponding organ to relax, be stimulated, heal, etc.  Whatever your body is in need of, the reflexology will provide.

Herbs - Herbs are becoming very popular with the general public lately as more people are becoming aware of their uses.  Herbals are used for nearly every medicinal condition known to man.  Many books have been written to assist in the identification of what each herb is used for.  Single herbs can be taken, or a combination of herbs sometimes are taken for a particular condition. 

CAUTION:  Beginners to this therapy should GO SLOWLY.  Take less than the recommended amount to see what it does to you.  Each person reacts differently.  Healing takes place through what is sometimes called a "Healing Crisis".  Depending upon how much, how often, your body, etc., each person arrives at this crisis differently.  DRINK PLENTY OF WATER.  Water flushes the toxins from the body rapidly so the toxins do not just move to another body part and take up residence.  Coffee, Tea, Sodas, etc. are not recommended for this process because they require much more time to flush the system.  Water assists the healing process and quite radically lessens the reactions to the healing crisis.


God gave us numerous ways to seek the truth, to find him in this world.  Listen to your inner soul.  Listen to messages you receive from others, including strangers.  What did you dream last night?  Some messages are quite clear, articulate, and to the point.  Most, however, are gleaned from many messages that come over time.  Don't be afraid to believe.  "As Ye Believe, so shall it be."  ( Matt 8:13)

Books to Assist you in gaining information:

    "Quick Reference Guide for using Essential Oils" by Connie and Alan Higley

    "The Dynamic Laws of Healing" by Catherine Ponder

    "Today's Herbal Health" by Louise Tenney, M.H.

    "Heal Your Body, The Mental Causes for Physical Illness and the Metaphysical way to Overcome Them" by Louise L. Hay


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