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Charity Begins at Home.  Kindness to Self, Family, Friends, Neighbors, and Co-workers creates a more peaceful surrounding.  Even anonymous acts of kindness will be rewarded.

    There are mental, physical and spiritual laws to having and maintaining prosperity.  Prosperity not only includes monetary resources, but good health, happiness, joy and love.  All are required to be truly prosperous.  It is also our responsibility to see that we do not hinder anyone else in their pursuit of true prosperity.  Each has their own vision of prosperity, and each seeks prosperity in their own ways.  It is possible that each person can be truly prosperous.

    The following is a short summary, with minor adaptations, from "The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity" by Catherine Ponder.  It is a wonderful book and I recommend reading it in its entirety.

The Ancient Law

    Tithes - God requires that you give 1/10th (10%) of your earnings to his work.  In return, the remaining 90% will have more "value", "purchasing power" than the original 100%.

I personally have tested this rule numerous times.  I have always found it to be profoundly true.  When I forgot to use 10% for God's Work, I found that my bills seemed to be higher in relation to my income.  When I gave faithfully, without remorse, the 90% always was satisfactory to my needs.

The Basic Law

    Give, in order to receive.  Release pent-up substance.  Radiate and you will attract.  Become a magnet both sending and receiving energy.


The Vacuum Law

    Let go of the lesser.  Use the substance at hand.  Forgiveness.  Releasing is magnetic.  Look up to prosperity.  Put your best foot forward. 

   Kindness Daily - Each day do something kind for someone else.  This is not for the glory that you receive from others, but for the glory of God.  Others need not know where the kindness came from, just that they received.

Examples:  Bring flowers to an elderly person.  Visit them regularly.  Scoop snow from their steps and sidewalk so they don't slip and fall, or have a heart attack from exertion doing it themselves.  Read a story to a child.  Take out the trash.  Load the dishwasher.

Start slowly.  Do not give all your clothes away, just the ones that no longer fit, or just don't seem to look right on you.  They will be perfect for someone else and will leave space for new clothes that are perfect for you.  Don't rush out and buy new. 

The Creative Law

    Strong desire is success power.  Write down your desires, plan for a prosperous result.  Write your formula to achieve success.  Write a letter to God.  Make daily lists to achieve your goals and then do what's on the list.

Putting your ideas in writing gives substance to your thoughts.  It also gives you a starting point of achieving what is on your list.

The Imaging Law

     Success is mentally created first.  Persist in picturing success.  "As you believe, so shall it be."

Pictures paint a thousand words.  It is easy to see what you desire.  Cut out pictures and make a collage of what you expect to achieve.  Place it where you will see it often, numerous times daily.

The Law of Command

    Command through words.  Make your world with words.  Affirm what you seek through speaking the words.  "If you think it, you will say it.  If you say it, it will be true."

Once you visualize your desires, speak the words that express those desires.  Speak positively.  Command the results.  Your are the CEO of your life.  What do you command of your staff (body)?

The Law of Increase

    Thought of increase turns the tide.  Think upon "plenty" ideas.  Avoid hard-time talk.  Overcome discouragement and disappointment.  Free yourself of petty thinking.


   The Law of Prosperous Attitudes

    How to make money your servant.  Give up mixed attitudes regarding money.  Substance, the source of money.

God has created all that is.  It is there for the asking.  Pray.  Divine substance is the source of prosperity.

Work - A Mighty Channel

    Your present circumstances are for a purpose.  Attitudes can make the difference.  Direct your energies toward a goal.  Make the most of the present situation.  Expect changes for the better.

Understand why you are where you are.  What changes must you make to your reality in order to achieve the goals that you have now set for yourself?  Work diligently to achieve those goals.  Beware of sidetracking, and backsliding.  Face your fears, and work through them one day at a time.

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     God bless you in your quest for prosperity in all things.


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